Standard shipping costs are included in the price of every item in our store. We do not charge any additional shipping costs for any items (unless you request expedited shipping - see below).

Please note at this time, we ship to USA addresses only (excluding non-contiguous locations).


We have worked hard to find a variety of exciting and innovative eco-friendly products from around the world. For distant suppliers, it is often difficult to balance reasonable shipping costs with timely delivery. To keep costs down for our customers, we work with our suppliers to keep shipping costs as low as possible to ensure affordable pricing. Depending on the origin of each product, shipping times can vary greatly anywhere from 3 to 30 days or more.

For every product in our store, we provide an estimated delivery time using the standard shipping method for that supplier. Please note the estimated number of days for delivery before adding an item to your shopping cart. Please note, many of our suppliers will email a tracking number directly to you once your item(s) have been shipped!


If you need to receive an item quicker, there are usually faster shipping options available. Contact us on before you place your order to get the expedited shipping rates for your item(s). We are happy to pass these costs onto your order. Please note that depending on the origin and weight of the item, the extra shipping cost can be as much or more than the price of the item itself.